Inclusion labs monthly training

Between 11and 12th of March 2023 Alternativi had its monthly Inclusion Labs meetings in Bansko, this time covering the topics of Media – Video Editing, Photo Stories, Coding, Writing for Social Media and Blogs. The young people got to know different digital tools, programs and platforms, had some small group work to create different digital products in order to practice what they have learnt. In the beginning we started in a very funny workshop, simulation of Escape room where participants had to solve some different tasks. While they cant use their phones they receive Info cards/-with info, tips and trick about Fake news, different tools/ways how to check about fake news. We have also introduced digital platforms and tools such as Canva, joomag, slack, etc. They had also a task to work in teams and create different texts and products for social media and blogs, explored how to use hashtags in social media, different writing styles for different social platforms. During the short training they had the chance to learn from a very experienced facilitator-working with digital PR, NGO marketing and pr, digital activism who has shared her long term experience and knowledge, working for different regular and online medias in the past several years. They also were able to learn how they can use digital tools and platforms for youth activism. In the next month, members of Inclusion labs will be learning about hate speech, Discrimination with Theatre Education; Cyber-Bullying and how to protect and promote human rights with special focus on migrants and refugees rights especially.

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