TC”Social Entrepreneurship for Changemakers ” -15-24April 2023, Granada, Spain

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Dates: 15-24 April 2023

Place: Granada, Spain

About the project:

Partner youth organizations are dedicated to empowering young people, and this is made possible by the engagement of Youth Workers who share a common goal of creating a more inclusive and participatory community. Youth Workers serve as an intermediary between organizations and citizens, and work closely with participants to transmit their acquired competencies to help young people develop better life conditions. To effectively share their knowledge and capabilities, Youth Workers need to receive proper training.

Youth Workers have a significant responsibility in supporting disadvantaged individuals in their growth process, by imparting specific professional competencies based on the objectives of the organization’s actions, as well as soft skills for personal development and empathy. However, many Youth Workers are primarily focused on social education, resulting in other essential needs of young people being overlooked, such as leadership competencies, self-management, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, innovation, and other capabilities that are critical for enabling young people to become self-reliant and proactive members of the community.

To address these issues, we have identified the need to develop a project that specifically focuses on the entrepreneurial aspect of the social work field. The scope of the project is to show that we can reduce unemployment rate by doing the right activities in youth work environment. The project will include training for Youth Workers, as well as awareness-raising activities for NGOs and Youth Workers across 10 European countries.

Participant profile:

3 participants (20-45 y.o.). Naturally, they have to be able to communicate in English.

Participating countries:

Spain, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal,Cyprus, Lithuania, Turkey

Accomodation and food:

We will be hosted in Cabins at the Sport City of Granada.
The address is: Ciudad Deportiva Diputación de Granada (Av. Barón Pierre de Coubertin, 1, 18100 Armilla) . Participants will stay in Rooms of 8 with private bathroom

During the program the cabins will be our home. I would like to ask everybody to take care with the noise, especially during the night. Also take in mind that in case of any damage done by the participants it will be cover from the reimbursement

Our accommodation is a place managed by the municipality so there are rules and protocols to be followed. We will tell you more about that on your arrival, but for example It is not possible to leave the place without having notified it in the reception and to us organizers, It’s not possible to drink alcohol inside etc.

The main entrance of “Ciudad Deportiva” will be close during the night, so it is not possible to leave the place for going out without official permission communicated to the reception during the day. It means we will organize to go out all together in group and come back all together atthe same

Travel, Insurance and Finances:

Maximum travel costs per participant from Bulgaria will be 360 euro.

We have one amount – based by the distance – and that’s the limit we can reimburse. If the travel costs over the limit, that will be the participants of your organizations cost. It depends from you. Try to buy the cheapest option. Only hand luggage and a bag is permitted. Take care about the extra days our National agency only allows 2 extra days in total, maximum 4 in justified cases. We won’t reimburse unnecessary costs if bus cost 10 euros and a train at the same time cost 80, you should take the bus. Take into account, the process to reimburse it is not just to push a button, so it can take even 3 months. We will try to do it as fast as possible but we will need your cooperation in order to collect easily and clearly all the tickets.

Contribution fee:

There is no contribution fee for the project

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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