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Ciaao de Italiaaa!We are group of friends from the Napoli region  that went to Bulgaria on the Erasmus plus youth exchange project called Lets learn 4 Migration. As the name says we came together with other young fellas from Bulgaria, UK, Spain, Turkey and Poland. We spend one week in this beautiful little town, where the coffee is really really bad but people are warm, food is really good/not as good as Italian haha/ and most of all we met really amazing people to call them friends now. We had so many amazing moments together, we had so many engaging and interesting discussions, we had debates but with every day we were learning more and more and becoming closer. Thanks to our organization for sending us to BEAUTIFUL BULGARIA and thanks to our amazing hosts for creating this beautiful experience for all of us!

Once we got back to Italy we had opportunity to share our experience with grouop of young people at aga 18-30 years old.

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