Maxim’s experience in Le Moule, Guadeloupe “The Magic of the Program Erasmus+”

Hello, I am Maxim Sadinov and I am a 2 year student at the University of National and World Economy faculty of Finance, Accounting and Control. I had the opportunity to take part in a youth exchange in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, which was an extremely great experience for me. There were participants from 6 countries, which allowed me to experience new culture, new people, learn different things and last but not least – to have fun. Together with 4 other participants from Bulgaria, I think that we managed to get actively involved in the project and to present our country with dignity. As a person with an established vision for youth projects like this, I can share that it covered all my expectations and even exceeded them. I can say that the people were the most motivating force, they managed to find creative approaches for each workshop and were ready to share freely their rich experience. The topic of the exchange, called “Youth EcoPreneurs Lab”, was developed to its full potential as discussions in the areas, connected with the entrepreneurship, ecology, design thinking and sustainable development, volunteering, campaigning and many others. The activities during the project were very well balanced. There were games, entertainment, debates, songs, plays – things that are part of the non-formal learning and develop you as a person, your soft skills and make you learn useful information. These 8 days were unique and unforgettable for me, the magic of the Erasmus + program happened right here in Guadeloupe. My never-ending desire for new experiences was satisfied during the days I spent here. I was really happy to meet each of the participants. It doesn’t matter how experienced someone is, how creative or how good at storytelling, everyone was so smart and talented. I was impressed not only by their intelligence, but also by the fact how real they are. We were all full of positive energy and that’s why the work environment was so pleasant. The cultural evenings were also unique, I learned something about each of the participating countries and their culture. I can’t describe the magic of the Erasmus + program, but I definitely recommend every young person to take advantage of the opportunities and actively to participate in such projects and initiatives, because you can always learn something new and put yourself in a different situation. This is an adventure that I always jump in every time. It gives you the opportunity to learn, through informal methods, to make new friendships that last a lifetime, to have fun, to create memories and at the same time to represent your country in a proper way. I honestly suggest to every young person to get involved in at least one project and feel the magic and mystery that the Erasmus program gives you. I want to conclude at the end with one of my favorite paradoxes – People are so different, but at the same time so alike. We are united as one whole, the Erasmus + program helps us to jump over barriers, make friends, go through unforgettable moments, learn and have fun. The youth exchange “Youth EcoPreneurs Lab” is my favorite lifetime adventure . An unforgettable experience filled with many emotions and beautiful moments.

Maksim Sadinov – participant from Bulgaria group

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