Bryan’s experience in Germany

The most exciting 8 days in my life! What’s more interesting – that’s not even an exaggeration. I’ve never thought I would be able to meet so many open-minded and ambitious young people in the first place. 
The topic of the training course was “Fake News”. It took place in Berlin. I’ve learned how many fakes news is spread all over the internet and non-verified sources. The trainers (Francesco and Jack) were introducing a new way of teaching to me. Totally different from the boring lectures in my university. We started each meeting with exceptionally funny energizers. They certainly helped us to be more focused and energetic during the upcoming discussion. 
After that, we played name games that helped us to learn each other’s names, begin conversations, and set everyone in the group at ease. Following this, we were working in randomly selected groups on a specific topic regarding the theme of the project – Fake news. Each day, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of fact-checking each news that can potentially greatly impacts us. Furthermore, I was educated on how the news changed the way we think and behave. I’m now definitely more aware of the misleading news and how it can be used as leverage to decrease someone’s reputation or credibility. 
Apart from gaining a lot of knowledge regarding the project’s topic, I immensely increased my social and cultural competencies. I met amazing people from 7 different countries. What an engaging and easy way of learning history, politics, and geography simply by talking to each one of the project members. On top of that, you become more aware of common European values, cultures, and traditions.
We’re having a great time in the city center. We explored the most beautiful places. By walking on Berlin’s streets you can appreciate how organized is literally everything. It makes you feel safe and secure. I’m still reflecting on my experience, as this was my first one in a project of this nature. I’m now more eager to take part in another one than ever before. 
I’d like to encourage anyone to explore Erasmus+ programs, due to the fact you can broaden your horizons in a different way compared to formal education. I’m fully convinced if we’d like to improve our soft skills, intercultultural understanding, and our maturity we should get out of our comfort zone. How can you do that free of charge? The answer is just one: Erasmus+. 
Thank you for your time reading it. Also, thank you for the opportunity, Georgi! I hope I can participate in another project, where Alternativiti International is the sending organization. If there’s something I need to edit in my text above, feel free to notify me. 
Have a lovely weekend!
Kind regards, 

Bryan S.

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