Experience from project “Volunteering opportunities & YW”

The project took place in Otrebussi, Poland. During the project we met many volunteer organizations in the countries of the other teams. There were debates on the topic and various discussions, which showed the participants’ views on volunteering. Among all these activities there were a lot of games and challenges to relax and get to know the participants of the project. The last main task of the project was to prepare our own project, as we were divided into countries. Each country had a chance to show creativity and present their own project ideas. After the end of the project, each group had the task to hold an event together with a group of friends and to transfer the acquired knowledge and experience to it. The Bulgarian group did this on September 3, believing that we were quite comprehensive and managed to show and tell a lot of information in order to enrich with experience and knowledge our friends who failed to take part in the project.

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