YE”ART 4 Human Rights”- 8 March – 16 March 2020, Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: ART 4 Human Rights

Dates: 8 – 16 March 2020

Place: Bansko, Bulgaria 

Project description:

In the recent years in Europe, in the context of the refugee crisis, there has been a great increase in extremist right-wing movements and parties, political populism, violence, increased use of hate speech and increased levels of hate crime, media and political propaganda, fake news, increased cases of discrimination. All this directly affects European values and the future of Europe. Young people are too vulnerable in this environment and easily manipulated by political formations and any other extremist groups promoting violence, hatred and intolerance. In this climate of lack of solidarity and intolerance towards refugees and migrants, the chances of successful integration of refugees are reduced, which poses a threat to security in the EU. The young people with whom we and our partners work are quite often having poor media literacy awareness and skills, are easily misled by propaganda, lack critical thinking, and are unaware of the implications of using hate speech. During the exchange, young people will have the opportunity to discuss key concepts such as freedom, justice, equality, human dignity, non-discrimination, democracy, tolerance, European values, rights, responsibilities, media and fake news, hate speech, hate crimes , extremism, violence, peace and solidarity. In addition, the project is needed for another very important reason – sometimes when young people are driven by the desire to fight hatred, they actually respond with hatred and so it becomes a closed circle. This is the reason why we believe that young people need to learn rather peaceful ways to resist hate than to create new ones.

Main objectives of the project:

 -Raising awareness about the own online behavior; online threats for youngsters; digital and data security and privacy rights

-Increasing the level of media literacy of the participants and their target group -Sharing methods for digital youth work and providing a toolbox for youth workers and trainers -Developing new methods for digital youth work

-Empowering youngsters to use digital tools for their personal and professional development

-Setting Up an Action Plan on how to implement the methods in the home communities

-Networking between youth workers and trainers from different European organisations

-Promoting Erasmus+, Media Literacy and healthy online lifestyle

Participant profile: 

  • Young people at age 16 – 22
  • People with migrant background and such coming from rural areas
  • People exposed to media propaganda and there is also tension in local communities
  • All participants must be currently residing in the country they will represent and be able to prove it if needed with documents

Partner countries: 

Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Romania


Contribution fee: 20 euro contribution has to be paid to the receiving organization .

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 5 February 2020 

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