YE”CULTURURAL”- 28 May – 03 June 2020, Chiaromonte, Italy


Dates:28 May – 03 June 2020


Project description:

The idea of the Youth Exchange CultuRural was originally born during a project writing workshop realized by
Basilicata Link with the hosted volunteers of the project Human Capital 2019. Several international volunteers put
together their personal experience and ideas, inspired by the extraordinary story of their EVS hosting city Matera:
growing out of the “shame of Italy” to raise until the “European capital of culture”).
The project CultuRural aims to enhance the social and entrepreneurial competences of young people for rural
development through non-formal education activities, practical workshops, study visits and the whole community
life that an youth exchange brings with it. The projects wants to give a “short” example on what is possible to realize
if you(th) put capacities in connection with the community, and if you know which sources the European Union can
offer and how to use them.
The goal is to make the young participants aware of their capacities, greater their self-esteem, to make them ready
for the entrepreneurial and competitive world, so as increasing their awareness regarding active citizenship, the
importance of social inclusion, the topic of environmental friendly and sustainability of projects. The youth will
create their own entrepreneurial ideas to improve the rural hosting town where they will live this experience, so as
they will be stimulated to discuss and share cultural aspects of their lives tackling topics such as cultural creative
expressions (intercultural nights with food, music and dance), youth unemployment rates, sustainable tourism, etc.
The young people will have the chance to learn and experience the example of Matera, European Capita; of Culture
2019, which overcome its shame and malaise to become one the most important city of Europe regarding cultural
production, which gave a big hint in general to all the territory and all South of Italy in terms of prestige and
economical income.
The objective of CultuRural is to empower 30 young people from 5 different European countries with the chance to
live an intercultural experience which permits them to grow on personal and professional level. We want to give a
chance to a small town such as Chiaromonte to host this group of Youth Exchange and experience the hosting of
international guests and learn from and with them. The group leaders, who will be ex volunteers of the coordinated
project of Basilicata Link called Human Capital 2019, will be the ambassadors who will support their national teams
in discovering the local territory and in their entering into the world of Erasmus+ program.

General Objectives:
– To discover and exchange good practices for using the cultural heritage as a tool for development and improvement;
– To avoid the youth marginalization and unemployment by increasing their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
– To raise awareness of the potential of rural and remote areas as a location to develop business ideas;
– To empower youth to be active in their community and on European level;
– To promote the ESC and all possibilities that Erasmus+ offers;

Participant profile: 

1) Every group should prepare 5 youngsters 18-25 years old plus one group leader over 18 years old (ex-
volunteer from Human Capital project). Gender balance if possible.
2) Participants are expected to be part of the full duration of the activity;
3) Be aware that this activity will be held in English so basic knowledge of English language is required;
4) Participants with fewer opportunities and coming from rural areas will have priority in the selection process;
5) Interest in cultural heritage, rural development and entrepreneurship;
6) After the APV each group needs to prepared at least one workshop / activity for the Exchange;
7) After the Youth Exchange each national group needs to put into action at least one Follow-Up activity;

Partner countries: 

Italy, Latvia, Greece, France and  Bulgaria.


If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 24 February 2020

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