Follow up activity of DG tools project by UNIT

After ending of the project, when I was flying to my country I was planning my local project. I felt that I need to share my knowledge with Ukrainians.

I spend two weeks for preparing.

I made a plan of training.

I made a project for 15  interns ( 18-22 years old) of organization I work.



  1. Introduction of me and program, in which I participated.
  2. Game in teams about danger in internet. In teams students discussed variants of danger and made rate of it.
  1. Simulation game. On pieces of paper students had different situation which could be with them in internet and they should tell about the way of solving. I commented every situation.
  2. Game Kahoot. I commented every question.
  3. Energizer.
  4. The end. I heard a lot of words of thanks. I saw how motivated interns are and large part of them have a desire to take part in different international project.








Also I tell my group of student ( 15 members)  in university about project and together we played Kahoot!

Thanks for chance to become a part of “DG tools” and do my first local project!




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