TC“Start It Up Keep It Up”- 23-29 September 2019 in Macedonia

Title: “Start It Up Keep It Up”

 Dates: 23-29 September 2019

Place: Skopje, North Macedonia

Project description:

The project “Start it UP, Keep it UP” is an innovative project focused on promotion of social entrepreneurship. The project unites 2 components regarding young people: employment and active participation of young people in solution of community problems.

The aim of the project “Start it UP, Keep it UP” is to gather 6 organizations across Europe for developing assistance and training of future potential social entrepreneurs by establishing social entrepreneurs hubs and training mentors in social entrepreneurship.

Objective 1: To build the capacity of youth NGOs in giving consulting for young people in social entrepreneurship.

Objective 2: To create a space for assessment and discussion of the impact of social entrepreneurship in decreasing unemployment and building a better environment with relevant stakeholders.

Objective 3: To increase the knowledge of young people in social entrepreneurship and provide them with opportunities and tools for starting their own “social start-ups”.

Specific aims: 

– Evaluations of practical mentorship sessions in the countries,
– Reporting on the achievements,
– Assessing the impact,
– How to guide young entrepreneurs on starting their start-ups,
– Discussing the next actions to be undertaken,
– Development of essential skills for mentors and mentees,
– Study visits to existing social start-ups in Skopje.

• Katerina Kimovska – Gerovska
• Marija Armenski
• Jovan Stalevski

Guest Speakers:
• Ljubomir Stojcevski from Freshys LLC – Social Business
• Ljupka from AvAv HappyDog – Social Entrepreneur
• Irina Janevska from ARNO- Organization for Social Innovations
• Aleksandar Karatosho – Social Entrepreneur
• Teodora Nikolovska – Entrepreneur

• Elena from Ignite Global Media – Tech Start Up with Social Innovations
• Martin and Radmila – O2 bar – first coffe and concept bar for deaf people
• Mentors in business


If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 30 August 2019

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