Youth exchange “Europe is my home”- 5- 13 October 2019 Benicassim, Spain

Title: Europe is my home

 Dates: 5- 13 October 2019

Place: Benicassim, Spain

 About the project:

Nowadays, the construction of the European Union seems more threatened than ever. The EU has to cope with challenges from the exterior, such as terrorism and immigration, during a moment of great uncertainty in the interior. The political and economic wounds that resulted from the 2007-2008 economic crisis still haven’t healed, being its most evident consequence the rise of far-right parties all over Europe, including long and well established democracies such as France and Austria. The euroscepticism and europhobia reaches its peak with Brexit, a turning point in the European process since it’s the first time a country goes as far as to actually start the process of withdrawal.

In this context, it seems essential to remind the Europeans our long history and rich common heritage, and the fact that the things that unite us are far more than those that divide us. Beyond political and economic considerations, the common culture and history it’s the glue that keeps the European peoples united. This project aims to increase awareness on the importance and strength of these bonds and to revalue our shared heritage. During the project, the participants will explore the different parts of the European culture from a dynamic and critic perspective, putting them in direct contact with our traditions and allowing them to notice the similarities between the different European peoples.

Participant profile: 

!Only for Bulgarian participants

In order to be eligible for participation, you must:

– Be 18- 30 years old. – Have good English skills.

– Be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card or equivalent.

– Agree to the rules & terms of the project as detailed in the learning contract and sign and send it on time.

Partner countries: 

Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania

Travel costs reimbursement: 

Travelling to Spain and back will be arranged by ALternativi International and the conditions for it will be announced after the selection. However the main points for it are:

-We can only refund travel costs for which original tickets/ invoices/ boarding passes are provided. We strongly recommend you to keep all the original travel documents with you, since we won’t be able to refund them if we don’t receive them

– Only public transportation will be refunded. Private cars, taxis and the like will not be refunded.

– Reimbursement will be done after the exchange and will be conditioned to the compliance with the Erasmus+ Programme rules. It means that full engagement in the activities of the exchange is a requisite for the reimbursement.

– You can stay in Spain for up to two extra days before or after the project. In case you want to visit Spain or if the itinerary suits you better this way, you can come up to two days before the beginning of the exchange (October 5th) or stay up to two days after its end (October 13th). Accommodation and food will not be provided by the project organizers on those days, but travels will still be reimbursed


The exchange will be held in the Argentina hostel, located in the middle of Benicàssim. The participants will stay in non-mixed, 2-5 people bedrooms.

Contribution fee: 

Each  participant will have to contribute to the project with 20€ as a contribution fee which needs to be paid upon arrival .

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 27 July 2019

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