Training course ” Online Activism 4 Youth Work”

Alternativi International organized a new Training Course in Bansko between the 1th and 8th of July. The name of the Project was “Online Activism 4 Youth Work” and it included participants from: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Romania and UK.

The content of the course was divided in 7 days in different sessions between morning and afternoon. The main goals of the Project were to learn online resources and platforms useful for activism and how it can be an essential tool to counter hate speech and radicalization. With that purpose, our participants from ten different countries collaborate in a week full of active and proactive learning, giving some of our participants the opportunity to lead some sessions and workshops related with the “online activism”. During the different sessions, our participants focused in two different approaches of online activism. The first rapprochement was linked with digital skills and related with topics like the use of platforms and online tools to create a campaign, strategies to address and issue like the design thinking, webs to get information and help to start a project, steps to follow to transform an idea into reality etc.
On the other hand, the second approachment was linked to actual online activism to counter hate speech and radicalization: among the activities carried out our participants performed some workshops about online campaigns in their countries, the different ways to do support them, colloquiums about what is and what is not online activism and a common analysis of the online activism through different campaigns during the last decade.
Apart from these main pillars of the TC our group was also involved in activities focused in the knowledge and the breaking of boundaries between different cultures. With that purpose, the nights were starred by intercultural nights in which the different participants showed and shared traditions, history, gastronomy and dances from their home countries.
The sensations after the TC have been extremely positive, in spite of the bittersweet taste that comes whenever a big experience comes to an end, our participants shared that they came back home with a lot of new skills, and useful knowledge about online activism and digital skills and the feeling of have created a unique family that surely will be connected, no matter the distance or the time. We are extremely happy to have met such an amazing group and to listen that our work have changed positively their life.

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