Seminar “MEHFA” – 24- 30 April 2020 -Telavi, Georgia


 Dates: 24- 30 April 2020

Place: Telavi, Georgia


-To equip involved organisations with knowledge in human rights and democratic citizenship;

-To develop critical human rights consciousness in youth workers and educators directly and their peers indirectly;

-To give training competencies to the youth workers and educators to have thorough knowledge and understanding of the discipline’s objectives and principles and appropriate teaching and learning methods.

-To develop new bottom-up approaches in human rights education and education for democratic citizenship;

-To bring an online-dimension to human rights education by creating a tool to educate, validate, recognize and reflect on the learning – to create a badge of Human Rights Ambassador (to give a better understanding visit the following link, it’s an example that we have developed last year with our partners, but only piloted:;

-To identify effective methods to increase youth participation and enchant youth workers and young people with human rights;

-To strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in youth and empower them to become active democratic citizens who stand up for human rights (HRE for Transformative Action (Monisha Bajaj – Human Rights Education: Ideology, Location, and Approaches);

-To further the activities of partner organizations aimed at the creation of a culture of peace, based upon universal values of Human Rights

-To proliferate the practices of using arts, digital technologies and online badging system in human rights education and have a long-lasting impact.

Participant profile: 

!Only for Bulgarian participants

Young people over 18 years old coming from the organizations, interested in Human Rights education, activism, art and creativity. In this stage, the target group are young people, with a need to develop their understanding to the human rights and discuss different topics connected to them. At the same time, the youth exchange will create an opportunity to “playtest” the system for recognition – the badges and activities connected to them with young people and pupils, receive feedback and adjust the tool to the young people’s needs. The impact on the young people will be gaining knowledge on the topics of human rights and learning from the situation of the other partner country

Partner countries: 

Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Finland

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 27 February 2020 

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