Job shadowing activity under project “MEHFA”

As part of the Capacity building project “Make Europe hate free again” Alternativi International hosted 6 youth workers from Moldova, Armenia and Georgia on job shadowing activity  for the period 1st till 10th of June 2019.

Participants had a busy but diverse schedule full with variety of activities. The job shadowing started with the implementation of several workshops for a group of 20 international volunteers of the organization. The youth workers had one day to prepare themselves for the upcoming two day of delivering sessions. They had organized different sessions using quizzes, presentations and non-formal methods of educations as role play, group discussions and theater. Job shadowers used the chance to put in practice their knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, they participated in several meetings with local authorities and organizations working in the field of human rights protection and hate speech fight. A special study visit took place at the office of the public mediator of the region of Blagoevgrad where participants learnt more what kind of violation of rights local citizen mostly complain and how the authority is helping them.

Next, participants in the job shadowing activity were warmly welcomed in Sofia by the director of the department of youth field at the National agency of Bulgaria responsible for Erasmus+ program. It was a very fruitful meeting where participants could ask their questions and learn more about different opportunities Erasmus+ program offers.

A special meeting with representatives of association “Infinite opportunities”, which was the coordinator for Bulgaria of Council of Europe “No hate speech movement” campaign was of a big interest and favor for the job shadowers. They received useful tips and methodologies they can apply in their practice as facilitators. Participants learnt more about the situation in local society and how it changed thanks to all efforts put in to combat hate speech.

Another profitable meeting was with the founding member of “Humans in the loop” organization and Impact Tech foundation. Job shadowers learnt more how their work helps refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria to integrate successfully and find work realization on the job market. Participants discussed deeper on the topic what the main obstacles refugees meet daily are and what the most effective measures to be taken as part of the integration process are.

A part of this, the participants in the job shadowing worked a lot on the design of the schedule of one the upcoming youth exchange. After brainstorming and analyzing the needs and opportunities participants came to an agreement what workshops to include and their order to be.

We are always happy to meet motivated young people and as an experienced NGO in the field of human rights and hate speech we were glad to share our knowledge and experience. We are thankful for job shadowers active participation and involvement.


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