Alternativi is hosting the training course Online Activism 4 Youth Work

Alternativi is trilled to be  hosting the international training course Online Activism 4 Youth Work. The project gathers youth and social workers and activists from 10 countries from 1st till 8th of July in Bansko, Bulgaria.The participants coming from Bulgaria, UK, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania and Italy will have a platform to learn and exchange experience and best practices in online activism, youth work and digital tools. The main aim of the project is to equip the youth workers with the needed skills, knowledge, information and tools how to use digital technology to support their every day work with youth, how to engage them more effiiently, how to reach out even marginalized youth and how to create better and more effective online campaigns and promote their social causes online trough digital technologies.

The project is financed by Erasmus+ program-the European program for education, training and mobility that gives brilliant opportunities for young people, adult and vocational learners, teachers and educators the opportunity to learn,travel and grow.   Stay tuned trough our daily facebook posts for the results of Online Activism 4 Youth work!             


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