Sharing results of project YOUth combating radicalization

About 2 months ago Alternativi implemented an amazing youth exchange YOUth combating radicalization and we are pleased to share some of its results because sharing is caring!!

YOUth combating radicalization gathered young people from 5 countries to talk about the young people today are dragged into extremist movements and get radicalized, to understand what is hate speech and how is it used as a tool from some of those movements and how to prevent youth radicalization. The project was a learning platform for the young people coming from various backgrounds-they learned about hate speech and freedom of speech, human rights, social media and its role in radicalization, fake news but most of all they learned the importance of being active and always take a step up for other young people. The participants got so inspired so they even created a very emotional and touching song about their experience, the importance of youth activism and tolerance. You can enjoy this beautiful song here!

Moreover, the participants created few more inspirational videos and online magazine to share with all of you their amazing experience in Bulgaria!

The online magazine where you can read some of the participant`s testemonials!


Last, but not least, participants also did some amazing offline campaigns and initiatives-flashmob in Italy, some presentations in local schools-all to share their amazing experience and to share a message of love, respect and tolerance and for always being active and engaged!Here are also some photos of one of the participants from Bulgaria-Salih who organized workshops and presentations with local youth to share his experience and inspire other young people to take part in Erasmus+ mobilities!


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