TC “Youth work countering hate speech”

The training course “” had been implemented in Bansko, Bulgaria in cooperation with OpportUNITY and Association Alternativi International between 10-17 June 2019. The participants from 10 different countries as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania and the United Kingdom came together to several days to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes on certain topics. 

The daily programme of the project based on learning objectives and facilitated by Petya Kulina and Mohammed Zaman. The training course promoted the initiative and creativity of participants and had a direct impact on their future youth work or youth policy activities, such as organizing projects and non-formal education for young people. The overall aim and objectives of the project were: to encourage cooperation in the youth field and raise the capacity of the youth organizations from program and partner countries to do more initiatives and projects in the field of human rights and anti-hate, to promote social activism against hate speech on European level.

During the project the participants mainly focused on specific themes like human rights, discrimination, gender equality, refugee crisis, lgbt rights, hate speech, nationalism and gave their 100% in the activites. The methodology they had gone through at the training course was based on non-formal education and human rights education approach. 

Main contents and activities in the project were freedom of expression and hate speech, discussions, hate speech gallery, roots and branches, role plays, tools against hate speech, campaigning and follow up, Erasmus+. In the activities and especially “Forum Theatre” method the participants who felt comfortable shared their personal experience in the field of hate speech, tried to give solutions against discrimination, hate speech and inequality, and put the serious effort on displaying the real examples from our daily life on role play and many other activities.


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