Alternativi Action Week 2019 – 3-rd day

Third day of Alternativi Action Week 2019 took place on 14.06.2019 and started at VII High School Kuzman Shapkarev where volunteers held interactive presentation about bullying , asked questions if students make fun of each other and asked follow up questions about the bullying itself and the ways about how to prevent it. The day continued on with in the local park – Bachinovo. We played games with students from “Hristo Botev” High school from nearby city – Kocherinovo who came specially to be part of Alternativi Action Week. During those games we informed and asked them questions about hate speech, racism and discrimination as well as about local problems with minorities. And that was not all – we had an art section where students could leave there positive and peaceful message. As well as draw something on our graffiti wall.
That was the last day of Alternativi Action Week. It was full of colors, positive messages and discussion. We really hope we managed to show the way and prove that hate is not the way.
All the EVS volunteers worked hard on making this event happen. THANK YOU GUYS! Thank you for all the ides, effort and wish to make the things!

The project “Volunteering 4 Strategic Development” is financed by Erasmus + and administrated in Bulgaria by HRDC (Център за развитие на човешките ресурси (ЦРЧР))
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