Alternativi Action Week 2019 – 1-st day

On 12.06.2019, Alternativi International organized an interesting and very informative workshop which included both indoor and outdoor interactive activities. It took place in one of the local schools of Blagoevgrad city – Language High School “Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov”. During outdoor activities schoolchildren came outside and participated in different games and challenges that were mainly about discrimination, hate speech , bullying and how to deal with these problems. All the students were very much interested and willing to participate and learn new things about topics they didn’t know about by spinning a lucky wheel, draw graffiti and spread a positive message. All the EVS volunteers from the project Volunteering 4 Strategic Development were very happy and satisfied to see that activities we came up with were interesting for the kids. Members of graffiti team did their best to give kids a chance to express their ideas and vision through art and the posters turned out very bright and colorful. The video group made very fun interviews both with students and volunteers and kept the whole process very alive and captured funny moments. And finally during indoor activities our volunteers prepared interesting role plays and informative games to present hate speech and its effects on people-children especially.
The project “Volunteering 4 Strategic Development” is financed by Erasmus + and administrated in Bulgaria by HRDC (Център за развитие на човешките ресурси (ЦРЧР))
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