Experience of Antoan in Training event “Counter Hate”

The experience that the “Counter Hate” project in Latvia brought me was once in a lifetime. I had never before thought that the young people of Europe are so bright and interested in all the aspects of life in the European Union.

To begin with the host and the place we were staying. It was wonderful! I felt like home. Throughout the project the Latvian team was doing everything they could to involve us in the culture and the way of living in the country. The meals, the drinks, the traditions were presented to us in a great manner.

The main aspect of the project, the topic of hate speech, was thoroughly discussed. Every day  there were different types of activities that aimed to inform us and spread awareness of this actual problem that persists around the World as it becomes easier and easier to expand thanks to the Internet. Lectures on topics concerning the origins of hate speech, the essence and the solution to hate speech were held. Games, that actually brought us into real world scenarios helped us understand better the real problems and outcomes that hate speech can cause.

To me, the project was of great value. The things that I learned, things that I had never been aware before and thoughts that have never come up before, I believe will help me in every aspect of life. For example, in work. Work ethics is something that everybody should think upon as I did after the project. Everyday communication, as well. After all we are social beings and in a way we depend on each other and we form the lives of others directly or indirectly.

All in all, the project even though it lasted only one week will last forever for me. The things I learned, the people I met, the friendships and memories created will never be forgotten.

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