Erasmus + month

It is always nice and inspiring when you have the chance to change the life of a person, when you have the chance to share useful information with others. That’s why we, from Alternativi International team decided to dedicate a full month to Erasmus + program and its promotion. From 27-th of March until 27 -th of April  we will be having presentations in local schools, universities and youth spaces with the main aim to spread a word for Erasmus + program and European Solidarity Corps and the life changing experience it gives to people.

We started the activity with 2 interactive and interesting presentations in South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in front of local students. For more than 40 minutes people had the chance to learn more about youth exchange, training course, Erasmus, Erasmus Internship, Erasmus Mundus and the opportunities provided by European Solidarity Corps.

There is nothing better than seeing the eyes of young and motivated people who want to improve themselves. Do you know a better way than joining Erasmus + program and European Solidarity Corps?

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