Workshops in Razlog

A new adventure  in volunteer’s life is on the road and it would not be more exciting. As young and motivated people our EVS volunteers have the opportunity to meet new people ( some of them coming from roma community)  which is something great. But having the opportunity to help someone and do something for the society is event greater. Having all that in mind we started something new and exciting. Namely visiting local volunteers from the community Community Club from Catholic Church in Razlog, Bulgaria.

Our EVS volunteers started going less than a month ago and there is already a visible strong connection between the young volunteers from the community club in the church and Alternativi EVS family. Volunteers had the chance to get know more about each other, to learn some new English and Bulgarian words together and the most important to enjoy the time spent together. We plan to study English together, to learn more about the cultures around the world and of course to be volunteers together. Stay tuned and follow our volunteers blog to find out more about their adventures.

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