Looking for participants from Bulgaria / long term project proposal/

Association Alternativi International is involved in long term strategic partnership project which aims to promote social entrepreneurship and educate young people to gain experience and become mentors. 

General description of the project:

The project “Start it UP, Keep it UP” is an innovative project focused on promotion of social entrepreneurship. This project touches one of the comparing unknown fields in the youth sector and the new concept for Europe – social entrepreneurship, emphasizing the innovative feature – creation of social start-up incubators.

This project is oriented to solution of social problems of communities in Europe, where young people can bring a change through a social-oriented Start-Ups, by equipping youth organizations with necessary capacity in order to provide young people with consulting and training on social entrepreneurship. This will not only solve different social problems in Europe, but also make young people become the main actors of change. The project will inspire and provide young people with knowledge and resources in order to bring a change to their community. Besides this, it will also raise a network of young social entrepreneurs, who will continue working in a network and give solutions to social problems of Europe.  

Training mobility aims:

The main aim of the project “Start it UP, Keep it UP” is developing assistance and training of future potential social entrepreneurs by establishing social entrepreneurs hubs and training mentors in social entrepreneurship.


  1. To build the capacity of young entrepreneurs by equipping them with needed skills, knowledge, competences and tools in giving consultancy for other young people in social entrepreneurship.
  2. To create a space for assessment and discussion of the impact of social entrepreneurship in decreasing unemployment and building a better environment with relevant stakeholders.
  3. To increase the knowledge of young people in social entrepreneurship and provide them with opportunities and tools for starting their own “social start-ups”.

Key activities:

  1. Training course in Kutina, Croatia (12.-18.04.2019.)
  2. Partical phase no.1 in each country
  3. Training course in Macedonia (September 2019 )
  4. Partical phase no.2 in each country
  5. Training course in Greece (February 2020)

The participants are obliged to conduct series of training courses/ meetings with other young people between the 3 phases of the project, this way they could unlock the possibility of participation in the next stage.

After successfully completing all the key activities participants will be awarded by providing them opportunity to participate in Youth Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan helding April 2020 where they will have the opportunity to meet different social entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders all over Europe in order to discuss the role of social entrepreneurship in youth employment and social development in Europe.


Profile of participants:

  1. Fluent English speakers
  2. 18 over
  3. experience in establishing and running social entreprise
  4. have basic experience and knowledge as a coach, mentor or trainer
  5. willing to increase knowledge, skills and comptences in the field of mentroship
  6. people who having strong communication and networking skills
  7. basic computer-use skills
  8. to be able to work in international environment


Responsibilities of participants:

  1. To attend the  first, the second and the third training of mentors,
  2. actively participate in trainings,
  3. to take 5 young people in his/her mentorship whom the mentor will guide during 15 months,
  4. to lead series of local follow-up  trainings (1 training per month during 12 month) for 20 participants.
  5. to be able to communicate and work online.

Recognition of participants:

  1. In case of successful completion of the long-term trainings course participants will be awarded with “YouthPass” and separate certificate that recognized by 6 partner organizations.
  2. Participants will be offered to have recommendation letter for future activities by organizers.


If you are interested in and would like to take part please send your CV and motivation letter ( particularly for the project) on the following email: mobility-center@alternativibg.org

Deadline: 1 March 2019

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