Alternativi International receives a award for quality work

Krista Mehandzhiyska, a EVS coordinator in Alternativi International, (on left), Petya Koulina, a chairperson and co-founder of Alternativi International, (on right)

It’s an honor to receive another recognition for quality youth work for the project KA2-Volunteers 4 All from the Bulgarian National Agency  (Human resource Development Center) for Erasmus+.

Alterntivi team is receiving an award for quality work for third consecutive year. This year we receive it for KA2 project – Volunteers 4 All.

Petya Koulina, a chairperson and co-founder or Alternativi International, (on left), Petio Kanev, a director of HRDC, (on right)

The award was bestowed by the director of Bulgarian National Agency and taken from Petya Koulina, a chairperson and co-founder of the organization. She had the chance to thank very much to our team members, volunteers and partners all around the globe for the quality collaboration in the  common work up to know! As well as to appeal to keep the motivation and inspiration to do more quality youth work and create greater opportunities for youth!

The project Volunteers 4 ALL ( V4A) is long term Strategic partnership project in the field of youth under Erasmus + program and it involves partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Logo of project "Volunteers 4 All"

Logo of project “Volunteers 4 All”

The expected projects results are:

  • Survey report reflecting on the experience and the needs of youth workers in the field
  • Training event which will include 24 participants who will gain practical and theoretical knowledge after completing the course
  • Intellectual output 1 –free online courses will provide youth workers and volunteers new skills and knowledge on use of social media networks for providing a lifeline for refugees on their journeys to Europe.  Youth workers will get a better grasp of the surveillance and empowerment paradox in social media networks in order to identify how best and at which points to help the most vulnerable refugees
  • Intellectual output 2 – Creation of a new resources, a “Volunteers 4 All Guide”, aiming to present current situation, challenges & opportunities as well as the main project results with best practices. The report will be populated with training resources as a tool-kit for youth workers. It will also provide a series of discussion forums for youth workers and professionals in each of the 4 partner countries to collaborate and exchange best practice at national and transnational levels.
  • The Guide will also ensure the sustainability and improving the achievements made through the project. The Guide will establish also a list of tips and recommendations in order to continue improving the work in this field, not only inside the project partners’ organizations but for all interested organizations in Europe which are active in the migrant field.  Indeed, a a chapter will be dedicated to a “Common European Framework for volunteers”. It will be a useful reference document for volunteers, youth workers and youth volunteers


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