EVS experience in ” Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza 4″

Three volunteers from Alternativi International  took part in amazing project held in Croatia. They had created videos for their experience and the very first one was named EVS which is not at all accidental. It is making a reference to the EVS abbreviation used for European voluntary service but here it stands for Extraordinary Volunteers Stories. As you can guess from the title volunteers part of project “Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza 4”  are sharing their unique experiences collected during their stay in Murter, Croatia, September – October 2018. The video’s main purpose is to make youth all over the globe more familiar with European voluntary service, especially a short term one. Through an informal way and funny videos representing daily choirs like cooking, cleaning etc. and many other moments, volunteers are describing their everyday life and how much their enjoyed it. Under the form of an “interview” volunteers share from their own point of view how much their participation into the project “DSWE4” enriched them and it help them to acquire new skills and abilities but also to learn more about other cultures. Speaking in their own mother tongue brings them closer to young people from their own countries and helps to motivate others to go on an EVS and become a volunteer.


The second video, “Walking in history”;, is a short historical documentary about the archaeological site Colentum in which the volunteers part of “Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza” project were working. It is voiced by the archaeologist and fieldwork coordinator Luka Eraković. He is telling the story of Colentum under the form of a fairy tale, starting from the ancient times when Romans ruled these lands and referring to present-day efforts of people to establish the found ruins not only as touristic but also as archeologically well-known site by everyone. Thanks to the beautiful landscapes and views captured by the “DSWE4” volunteers we all are aware of the beauty of nature combined with rich history that can be found in Murter. Volunteers made the following video to show the challenges archeologists, local people and authorities are facing while trying to revive the site.


The third video made as part of “Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza 4” project revels to the wide audience all activities that can be enjoyed on the island of Murter. As part of their journey “DSWE4” volunteers filmed various places and activities and edited the whole information they have gathered to have at the end one great video showing all that the island has to offer. In the role of storyteller is incarnated the cute mascot of the project, the dog Lina. She is guiding us through the video while “narrating” the history of Colentum and everyday life in Murter. The variety of activities that can be implemented are highlighted during the video. Either you are passionate about sport, water activities, cycling or just walking around the small streets of Murter you will always find something to do.


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