Results of TC “Youth worker against hate”

Alternativi International was a partner of the training course Youth worker against hate, that was held in Castelamare di Stabia, Italy from 5th until 12th of October 2018. The project involved 24 youth workers from 6 countries from Europe – Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Estonia,  and Italy .  The project was financed by Erasmus+ program trough the Italian National Agency. The training was practical and focused on the development of skills in the fight against hate speech through human rights education and media literacy.

After the final evaluation of the project was implemented the reports showed that the activities provided a platform for the young workers to share experience and acquire valuable knowledge and skills to use human rights education against hate speech.

Main results achieved by the project / competencies, skills, knowledge and attitudes / :

– Increasing knowledge and competencies of youth workers in the field of anti hate speech.   As a result of the training, the participants gained valuable knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes. They received information on the subject – they learned what the hate speech is, how to spot it, learned about human rights and their protection, the role of youth work and education based on human rights, various tools to combat hate speech, methods, guides and good practices in the field. Youth workers have an effective learning platform and have been able to improve their ability to effectively work with young people and to organize workshops and related activities. All of this has a great impact on future personal and professional development as youth workers – they have become more confident in their abilities to act as multipliers of the No hate speeh movement. We also believe that this project in the long run contributes to greater recognition of human rights by investing in youth workers to tackle hatred activists. In addition, some of the participants were inspired to be ambassadors of the hate speech to refugees and thus decided to be more active in this area – some actors decided to set up their own NGOs, others to be volunteers at a refugee centers, to develop training modules for youth in needs from foster homes, etc.

The project has an impact on the international level by establishing contact between organizations and by providing a platform for youth workers from the 6 countries to establish contact, to plan a joint project, but above all to build lasting ties as activists for no-hate and to create future initiatives and quality projects. The project has enhanced cooperation between the partner organizations to work in this area to achieve a more tangible and long-term impact. The project, by investing in human resources of organizations and acquiring competencies and developing the knowledge and skills of youth workers, has increased the quality of youth work and the quality of services and youth clubs offered by partner organizations.

Below, you can see some testemonials of participants of Youth Worker against Hate.


What our participants think about project and Erasmus+? Open the video and listen what they would like to tell you! 🇪🇺

Публикувахте от Active Youth for Europe в Неделя, 14 октомври 2018 г.

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