YE “Trade Olive”- Cyprus

Title: “From TRADition to Employment: olive products”

 Dates: 15 November- 26 November 2018

Place: Kannavia, Nicosia, Cyprus

Project description:

“Trade Olive” is addressing the unemployment issue and traditional agricultural professions related to olive that are not held by young people that much. Professions relating to olive are amongst the infamous professions that today tend to extinct. However, we believe that these professions can be creatively turned into the basis of an entrepreneurship that can stand out in the competitive labour market, while at the same time preserve one’s culture, heritage and tradition. It could provide alternatives to employment, while such professions could further contribute to healthier lifestyles and a sustainable environment via spending time in the nature and creating home made products. Urbanism is another common issue happening mainly because people cannot find a job but how about creating their own job using the existing resources as the agriculture and olive trees?

This project provides also the opportunity to connect with the eldest of the community that carry valuable knowledge on these traditions, as well as, involve youth and other residents of rural areas who have fewer opportunities. We aim to connect these communities, not only at local or national level but also at European level, taking full advantage of the impact of European youth exchanges as well as past youth practices that have been successful in this domain. This project will guide participants to olive-related traditions and professions, providing them with inspiring ideas regarding employment and entrepreneurship and empowering them with skills and self-confidence for fighting today’s unemployment.

The aim of this project is to make a real difference to young participants seeking employment and raise awareness of alternative agricultural employment options that can benefit not only the individuals, but also, the communities they live in. Employment, although tackled at personal level, is a key factor for promoting active citizenship, social inclusion and cross-cultural understanding at local and EU level. The knowledge the participants will gain, the skills they will learn, the contacts they will make, and the personal decisions they will take, is a crucial base from where the change can happen

Project objectives:

Acquire knowledge about olives and olive oil-related traditions and professions of the participating countries
● Acquire information from discussions with people/professionals still practicing these traditions
● Expand knowledge on agriculture and home made products

● Foster entrepreneurship and creativity in turning olive oil traditions to modern ways of employment

● Improve skills and employability of participants

● Personal development of participants especially with regards to self-confidence and realization of their strengths and weaknesses

● To promote social inclusion and include in our group asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants

● Promote active citizenship by helping the local communities as a way to fight unemployment

Participant profile: 

6 participants per country (5 participants aged 18-30 + 1 group leader no age limit). Participants involved in this project must have strong interest on agriculture, creativity and entrepreneurship. This project involves primarily participation of people facing (or about to face) Unemployment, directly (i.e. being themselves unemployed) or indirectly (their closely-related people being unemployed). In particular, the project aims to address participants interested in exploring the entrepreneurial path through tradition, agriculture and culture. Emphasis will be given to involve young people with fewer opportunities, facing economical (e.g. unemployed) and geographical (e.g. living in rural areas) obstacles as well as social obstacles, refugees, migrants or asylum seekers.

Dates and Venue:

“​Trade Olive” ​will take place in Cyprus, between Friday 16th until Sunday 25th of November 2018 . 15th of November is arrival day while the departure day is on 26th of November 2018h . Please book your tickets so that you arrive in Cyprus BEFORE 17.00 pm on Friday 15th of November and depart from the island after 10:00 a.m on the 26​ th ​of November. If needed participants can start their trip to Cyprus only two days earlier or depart Cyprus 2 days after the project but the accommodation and food expenses for the extra days will be on your own expenses. Arrival can’t be later than 15/11/2018 and departure not be earlier than 26/11/2018.

The project will take place at a small bungalow village in Kannavia. Participants will be divided of groups of 5 or 6 persons and each group will be assigned to an individual house with its own toilet and shower. If any of the participants wants to launder anything there will be a single washing machine for all the participants to use. The division for the houses will not be based on countries so that we have a multi cultural exchange.


Travel limit per participant from Bulgaria is 275 euros for return tickets from home city in Bulgaria to project venue and back.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 26 October 2018

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