Youth Caravan 2018 in Plovdiv

It all began in September 2018 when a group of volunteers arrived in Blagoevgrad, gathered together in “The Place” and started to prepare for the Youth Caravan, an initiative organized by the Bulgarian NGO Alternativi International. The goal of this project was to promote all the opportunities given by Erasmus+ programme among local people with the help and dedication of the international EVS volunteers – 18 people all from different countries of the world such as Latvia, Slovakia, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, France and Italy.

Youth Caravan kicked off on October 8th in the beautiful city of Plovdiv. On the first day of Youth Caravan we went to a private high school in Plovdiv where we had a very interactive presentation for the pupils. At the end of the presentation we played an online game with them about Erasmus+ programme and handed out cool gifts to the winners. We had a very productive indoor presentation also in the University of Plovdiv in a collaboration with AIESEC Plovdiv and had a chance to meet with young and motivated students.

Simultaneously to the presentation we were having a public event in the city center. Everybody was very enthusiastic as the passers by were really interested in to know more about Erasmus+ as most of them weren’t familiar with the programme. We had prepared such informative games and activities as Lucky Wheel, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Memory Game, Erasmus+ Football Wall, also we were handing out fliers about Erasmus+ to the people explaining all the benefits of the programme and presents to the winners of the mentioned games.


Afterwards, in the evening we went to a cosy cafe called “Отсреща” and had a friendly talk with the locals explaining all the details and good sides of the Erasmus+ programme.

Being satisfied by the work we did but a little bit tired we continued our road to Pomorie town to sleep there and have some rest.


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