Training Course Turn Online for online activists

Alternativi International is hosting an international training course from 18 until 24th of September in Bansko, Bulgaria. The course is part of the long term KA2 project Turn Online where Alternativi is a partner organization. TURN Online project is an initiative of 7 European youth ngos that was supported by Spanish National Agency under Erasmus Plus Programme (Key Action 2). The main aim of this project is to promote the idea of Digital Transformation for youth organizations, working in the field of peace projects and Human Rights, in order to increase social impact of their actions. During the project implementation (September 2017 – April 2019) we are going to investigate, share good practices, learn and create educational materials within following areas: digital management, online communication, digital tools for nonformal education and online activism.

The training mobility in Bulgaria has the aim of equipping youth workers and social activists with the right knowledge, competences, digital tools, campaign techniques to become activists of peace and human rights online.

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