Alternativi International hosting international training course Hate Speech Fighters

Alternativi International is delighted to welcome a new international group-this time group of youth workers coming from 10 countries as part of the Training course Hate Speech Fighters. The project is financed by Erasmus+Program and will be implemented from 11th until 18h of September in Bansko, Bulgaria.
The main aim of the project is to provide youth workers with knowledge, skills and competences to combat hate speech trough human right education.

During the project the youth workers had the platform to discuss roots and causes of hate speech, to gain skills and knoledge how to spot it, report it and act against it using human rights education. They discussed topics such as discrimination, racism, migration crisis, radicalization, stereotypes, prejudice, freedom of speech, human rights, role of social media, fake news. The paricipants also had the opportunity to plan their own campaigns to implement back home.

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