Alternativi is implementing a youth exchange United we stand against radicalization


It’s a great pleasure to introduce you the project “United we stand against radicalization” which is being implemented in Bansko, Bulgaria between 30 August 2018 – 08 of September 2018.
The project is a cooperation between Alternativi International and our partners Hidden Voices as a coordinator. The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Program trough the UK National Agency.

The youth exchange “United we stand against radicalization”, brings together 36 young people from Bulgaria, the UK, Spain, Italy and Turkey. The project is held in Bansko from 30 August to 8 September and its main focus is the prevention of the radicalization of young people in Europe. The participants have the opportunity to discuss topics such as discrimination, hate speech, extremism, causes and effects of radicalization, how young people can protect themselves online from the influence of extremist groups, the role of social media and its safe usage, etc. The methodology of the project is entirely based on non-formal and human rights education.

The young people were also introduced to the Bulgarian culture and traditions by specially organized Bulgarian evening with guests all of the participants had the opportunity to learn how to prepare traditional Bulgarian food and to dress in Bulgarian costumes and to teach different Bulgarian dances.

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