2 months EVS in Turkey

Duration: 2 months(September – October)

Number of volunteers from Buglaria: 1

Project description:

Call for EVS volunteer from Macedonia, Bulgaria or Italy for 2 months EVS project in Didim, Turkey starting on September 2018 EVS volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities and projects throughout the EVS. These main activities can be categorized in two parts as office works and outdoor activities.


There are following main tasks of the volunteer to work actively in the office and outdoor within the scope of following tasks:

  • Task 1. Uploading information to website and social networks, updating the database of disable people;
  • Task 2. Personal assistance for people who travel to hospital in AYDIN
  • Task 3. Preparation for creative workshop activities
  • Task 4. Personal assistance for people who travel to hospital in IZMIR
  • Task 5. Visiting a customer at home with social worker of organization, collecting information about their needs and problems
  • Task 6. Planning of fundraising activities. Accommodation, food, pocket money and travel tickets are covered.

Accommodation details

Hotel Grand Didima Didim is located on seaside in Turkey. Please send your CV to evswithsystemandgeneration@gmail.com

Volunteers coming for short term EVS (2 months) do not have to obtain visa before they arrive in Turkey.
The Sending organization will register the volunteer into the insurance database: Cigna (http://www.cignahealthbenefits.com) not later than 14 days before EVS project will start.

Financial conditions: 

The volunteer will receive:
Food Money – € 120 per month (in Turkish currency). Half at the first week of the month, second half on the third week of the month.
Pocket Money – € 80 per month (in Turkish currency). Payments will be done in cash within first 5 days of each month.
The travel costs will be reimbursed (with maximum cost of 275 euro) by the coordinator accompanied by the receipt of complete and original tickets, invoices, bills, boarding cards etc.


Please send your CV to evswithsystemandgeneration@gmail.com

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