Seminar ”What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+”-Hatay, Turkey

Title: What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+

 Dates: 10 – 18 September 2018

Place: Hatay, Turkey

Project description:

The seminar project with 2 stages – “What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+” will be organized in Hatay Province of Republic of Turkey on 10‐18 September 2018 by Hatay International Sustainable Development Association by participation of partners from Turkey,Romania, Italy, Macedonia, Lithuania, Estonia, & Bulgaria.

Project generally aims to;
‐ Analyze and fulfill needs which will be defined by organizations which are connected with international youth work, youth workers, and our partners

‐ Identify and understand what is succesful youth work?

‐ Analyze succesful projects which were organized by Erasmus+ Program which is in his 4th year and the previous program “Youth in Action” and create common strategy for more succesful projects in the future. (Inclusion of Young People, Development of Youth, Organizing More Solution Oriented Projects, etc.) Define future steps for Erasmus+ Program to have more succesful results.

‐ Prepare future plan of activities and projects by creating common strategy with our partners

‐ Plan future international activities which can be organized by Erasmus+ Program or other programs in short, middle and long term for creating cooperation program with our partners.

‐ Create strong strategy in EVS Projects and increase quality of EVS Programs through network which will be created by us and our partners who work on this field. (Our partners are accredited organizations or they are planning to receive accreditation for EVS Projects)

Participant profile: 

Partner organizations from Estonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bulgaria,Italy will be represented by 2 participants while partner organization from Romania and Turkey will be represented by 3 participants. Weare expecting participants to be older than 18 years old and and participants who are under 18 years old will not be accepted to the program. There is no upper age limit. The participants has to be representing the sending organization and be holding a passport with equal nationality.

Accommodation and transport: 

During the project participants will be hosted in 3* Hotel in Hatay Province. At the moment we are in process of making arrangements about accommodation facilities and as soon as we will know about the venue %100, all technical details will be shared with partner organizations. The facility will have international quality standards with all necessary technical facilities. All costs related to accommodation and food (3 meals per day; breakfast, lunch & supper, warm drinks in coffee breaks) will be covered by project budget. There will be no participation fee. If there will be vegetarian or vegan participants we will also provide food for them depending on their eating choices, diets or special needs. You can inform us about your eating habits/allergies through application forms you will receive from our side.

Travel costs: the participants will be reimbursed up to 275 euro for return travel


If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 20August 2018

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